AMI Saudi Arabia Ltd. Is a founding shareholder of IMDAD.

IMDAD Company was established in 1990 with its headquarters in Riyadh.

IMDAD, distributes the world’s best rejuvenation technologies for Skin & Body in the Middle East and has the largest installed base of Aesthetic Lasers in the region.

With 8 offices and, total specialization in Aesthetic Medicine since 1993, IMDAD is the leading company in this fast growing segment in region.

Imdad is the leading dermatology, plastic surgery & skin treatment supplier and is the largest importer of aesthetic medical laser equipment in the Middle East region.

Over its 20 years of operations, Imdad has built expertise in the rejuvenation technologies to become the leading supplier in the Middle East with headquartered in Dubai.

Imdad has offices in 9 countries across the GCC and the Levant, and serves thousand of Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons. Committed to bringing the world’s best rejuvenation technologies, Imdad is the exclusive distributor of leading international aesthetic medical technologies manufacturers.

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